This is why I came home

Make no mistake, Covid-19 is wreaking havoc across our country and (not making light of the impact at all) but I’m happy about it, in a way, because it’s brought me home.

I moved back to Texas a little over a week ago and I’ve experienced more with my family and friends than I have in the last year living in Pittsburgh. It’s exactly what I wanted and needed at this time of my life.

I’ve seen every single member of my immediate family in that week, something I haven’t been able to in years, celebrated Father’s Day WITH my dad and with my oldest brother, who celebrated for the first time as a dad himself, and then took a spontaneous trip to the Texas Rangers new ballpark with my best friend. These are small things I’ve missed out on for quite some time and my hope is they continue to become more of a regularity.

You see, I’ve been one-track minded, literally for the last 20 years, trying to find that “perfect” full-time TV gig. And that meant going from one market to another, climbing the ladder, gaining experience and hoping to get my big break along the way. It’s absolutely what I wanted to do but it also came at an expense, missing out on time with those that mean the most to me. You might say, ‘suck it up, Chase’ but over the last two decades it’s really taken a toll.

As you know I was done in Pittsburgh back in March, however I had a really promising opportunity, quite possibly the “perfect” TV gig I had been searching for, taken away because of COVID-19.

In the blink of an eye my livelihood, the career I’d worked so hard for and scarified so much is 100% up in the air because of decisions made out of my control and terrible timing.

So, either I came home on my own or a global pandemic forced me to, I honestly don’t care how it happened. I’m just grateful I’m here now. I get to see my family. I get to see my nieces and nephews. I get to see my friends. Whenever I want.

Do I know what’s going to happen on the job front? Nope. Not a clue how that will play out, but in a weird way, I’m kinda happy about the uncertainty and Covid-19, because it brought me where I belong. Home.

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