The NHL is nearing a return. What does that mean for the Penguins? And why Josh Getzoff is excited for the playoff format.

A plan is in place. The NHL wants to return. Only thing is the NHL doesn’t know when or where the return to play will actually take place due to the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman laid out an extensive plan on how the league intends to carry out the remainder of the 2019-2020 NHL season.

Basically training camps will resume no sooner than July 10 and the league believes it can hand out the out the Stanley Cup by October 8.

So, where do the Pittsburgh Penguins fit in when play hopefully resumes?

Picture Courtesy: TribLive

Penguins Host and Play by Play Voice Josh Getzoff and I discussed how things might look for the veteran team aiming to win its third Stanley Cup in five seasons.

A conversation with Penguins Play by Play Voice, Josh Getzoff

There’s plenty of optimism in the NHL office and, if you think about it, there should be plenty of optimism surrounding the Pittsburgh Penguins chances at lifting Lord Stanley…in early fall.

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