The Toughest Part Of Being A Reporter Isn’t What You May Think

For nearly 14 years I’ve had a front row seat to witness history in some of the biggest moments and events in sports. World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup Final, boxing title bout, NBA Finals. You name it, I’ve been so incredibly hashtag blessed for what I’ve been able to cover. And to think it’s considered “work” and I get paid to do it.

Reporting during 2017 Stanley Cup Final

But it’s not all glitz and glamour. It’s not all fancy suits and interviewing millionaires who play a game. Those aspects of the job are incredible. But the part of the job most don’t think about is when you leave and the relationships left behind. When you pack up and move to another market for a bigger role, more money or a significant other got an opportunity to realize their dream. Heck, maybe a global pandemic might alter a career path.

You see, I’ve worked in markets from Lubbock, Texas to Dallas, Texas, twice, to Omaha, Nebraska and now Pittsburgh and have met some of the most incredible people along the way. Each stop I’ve gained life long friends. And each stop sucks, because eventually someone or everyone moves on to the “next step” in their own career and lives.

And once everyone scatters in a million different directions, you relish the few opportunities you get to catch up. For me, I typically see friends while I’m on the road covering a game or event. Sometimes these get togethers are planned and other time you just so happen to watch their Instagram story and you’re in the same spot.

The reason I write about this is because I’ve spent the last two days helping friends I’ve made at my job in Pittsburgh pack up their apartments. Both left for new opportunities. One in Denver and the other had the chance to go back home to Philadelphia. Once again friends at my latest stop have scattered.

And this goes for family as well. It’s rare I’m able to go home to visit my parents, brothers and their kids, because its hard to scrounge up enough days in a row to get back home. If I’m lucky, they make the trip to come see me. The visits are fewer, but I try to my best to cherish the actual time we do get to spend together.

Preparing for Sunday Night Football Pregame Show

I love what I do. The opportunities, incredible. It’s the best “job” you could ever have, but like most everything, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

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