What will it take for the MLB to return? Texas Rangers Field Reporter Emily Jones would do this to make it happen

She accepts my Zoom invitation, pops up on my laptop screen and she’s on the phone clearly trying to solve a problem. She says, “well that’s incredibly odd” only to hang up and tell her 8-year-old son not to give out her phone number while playing video games over the internet. It was a solicitor of some sort trying to offer her son insurance. Ha! Always cool, no matter the situation, it’s like she’s been there a thousand times and that’s exactly how she’s handling the first global pandemic of her life.

Emily Jones is not only surviving quarantine, but thriving thanks to early morning runs, a glass of wine or two and just being an all-around badass.

Her day job as Field Reporter for the Texas Rangers is on hold at the moment, but while she waits, as we all are for the return of sports, she’s got her hands full with her two hilarious kids (Henry and Hattie) and a handful of side gigs she’s completely crushing. She sells wine for a company named ‘Scout and Cellar’ hosts two podcasts, ‘The Mom Game’ and ‘The Hit Show,’ plus has written two children’s books and helps with the charity, ‘Do It For Durrett.’ She’s unreal.

Emily Jones With Adrian Beltre

Her Twitter bio says, “I’m an s show, but I mean well. Love my family. Dig my job. Couldn’t care less about my bad hair. Please don’t take me too seriously.” While, I love her humility, if you don’t take Emily Jones seriously, you’re doing it all wrong. She’s an incredible person, first and foremost, and the perfect example to just “go for it” whatever “it” is.

She has an incredible story to tell and I’m grateful to have been able to spend a few minutes with her today.

Texas Rangers Field Reporter Emily Jones

There you have it, folks. Emily Jones will take the Gatorade bath after every game to get baseball back in our lives.

I know she isn’t a fan of the Gatorade bath after a Rangers victory, but I sure hope we see it soon. If we do that means we’re watching our favorite baseball team play and our favorite TV reporter badass do her thing again.

In the meantime support her side gigs. There’s something for everyone.

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