Squint and you just might see sports

Today is a good day. Quarantine is about to pay off. And sports are trending in the right direction for a return to the United States.

Major League Baseball is expected to give a return-to-play proposal to the MLBPA within a week and teams have encouraged players to gear up for a second dose of “spring” training that should commence in the middle of June.

The NBA is reportedly going to hold a call with its players tomorrow to discuss a potential return, the same day the same day the league has permitted teams to reopen practice facilities for voluntary, social-distanced workouts.

And the NFL will release it’s league schedule tonight, the day after the commissioner sent a league-wide memo that laid out the protocol for a potential phase 1 reopening of all 32 teams facilities as early as May 15.

Plus, there WILL be real, live sports this weekend when UFC 249 will take place at  VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida.

But here’s the catch. There won’t be moments like this when sports do return.

2016 ALDS: Texas Rangers vs Toronto Blue Jays

Or, perhaps even more important, moments like this I had in 2015 at a Houston Astros game with my grandmother.

2015: Minute Maid Park

You see, there are many layers as to why I love sports. The actual games, the competition, the stories of players and fans, but it’s also an opportunity to simply be with the people you love. I’ll never forget that day with my grandmother. I had driven to Houston from Dallas, where I was living at the time, and we had ourselves a nice night enjoying something we both love. But is greater than that. It’s also a communal experience shared with thousands of people that, to me, brings nothing but gratitude.

So, while there are still hurdles to be cleared, sports are nearing a return albeit without us fans in the stands. In the meantime, warm up your giant foam finger and favorite jersey because we can officially see light at the end of the tunnel.

Today is a good day.

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