Sportscaster In Shorts

54 days.

That’s how long it’s been without sports. Sure, the trips down memory lane of various Finals and championships we’ve seen lately have been fun to reminisce. Or even last night’s Opening Day in the Korean Baseball Organization between the NC Dinos and Samsung Lions which was a fantastic idea from ESPN to get involved with. Bat flips. A boy in a bubble? Awesome. Both were nice time consumers, but just not the same as Luka Doncic making his NBA Playoffs debut right now or the Pittsburgh Penguins trying to climb their way back on top of the NHL mountain. Don’t make me list all the events we’ve missed over the last 54 days.

So, settle in and grab a beer. Or two. And lets have some fun.

March 31st was the last time I worked and because of that I’ve had PLENTY of time on my hands. I’ve been introduced to Joe Exotic. Wow. Discovered that Love is blind. Tom Segura is the funniest dude in America. And I’m never going back to the Ozark. Ever. Yea, I’ve crushed Netflix. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my ability to grow a decent beard.

But while I’ve watched my fair share of TV and taken ALL the walks, I’ve realized, even more, how much I absolutely LOVE what I do for a living. I miss sports. I miss the stories that come with sports. I miss putting on a suit so I can go on TV and talk about sports. I miss my passion, however it’s given me opportunity.

I’ve always wanted to create my own website and apparently I don’t have lack of time as an excuse anymore.

So what will the site be about?

I’ll do my best to pull back the curtain on the winding road I call my career. Share stories of unforgettable events and players I’ve encountered over the years, but it won’t all sports. I’ll share stories of my life, what I find interesting outside of the sports world, make some fun videos and hope I can have a Zoom chat with Julia Roberts. Who knows what will come of the website! So, until we get sports back and I’m not reduced to a sportscaster in shorts any longer, grab a beer. Or two. And lets have some fun.

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White Pocket Square Enthusiast. Sports dork.

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